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Kya Super Kool Hain Hum

There are sex comedies. Then there are bad sex comedies. Then there is just bad. And then finally – right at the bottom of this pile – there is KSKHH. It has innuendos so obvious, swearing so uninhibited, and gestures so lewd, that you can only imagine what must be going on in the writers’ minds to distill this from their imaginations. What else can you expect from a film whose posters proudly declare “Cumming soon”.

There are virtually no redeeming points in the film. The makers know this because they promoted it as a sequel to the film that got zero stars from critics. But they made it anyway because apparently the easiest thing in the world is to mint money off the low moral standards in this country.

KSKHH relies solely on (mostly unseen) sex to engage the audience, rendering any kind of analysis or observation meaningless. Not that critics are incapable of analyzing sex in movies but there must be some material to start with. KSKHH resorts to the lowest forms of toilet humor that are mere obscene SMS forwards in the guise of a screenplay. We’ve read these texts before, having Tusshar and Riteish ‘perform’ them hardly makes it fresh.

Sample this:  The hero says I have no “wedding ring, only suffering”. Or the more potent “apne scene ka kerosene ho gaya”. When it’s not being stupid, Kya Super Kool Hain Hum is being incredibly stupid. Riteish struggles with his career as a DJ, considers purchasing sanitary napkins because he’s going through a bad period. A good period changes the joke? Somebody stop me from analyzing.

Then there are characters called BJ, Sakru, Marlo and Rose Mary Marlo and scene after scene witless, double entendre events unfold on screen. BJ asks the DJ why his mouth is open, then he takes her to the ‘snakes’ counter and says “Aane ragdo, mane chaat.” Obvious clichés of homosexual humor and anatomical references are comprehensively covered. References to twin towers is no longer innocent, thanks to the creative juices of this film’s writers. Neither is the mention of candles that the heroines plan to use “all night long without getting over.”

Usually the acting and dialogue are sufficient to throw every possible vulgar idea at the audience, but KSKHH takes it to the next level, bringing in the background score into the mix. One of the sub plots has Neha Sharma pretending to be a lesbian to avoid Tusshar Kapoor from stalking her. Every time she and her “partner” Sarah Jane appear on screen, you hear “Dil do la, Dil do la, Dil do la” in the background, a perverted twist to Bhansali’s Devdas anthem. If nothing else, KSKHH has at least given Bollywood an original lesbian take on the oft-remade classic. Just what we wanted.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in making an adult comedy. American Pie is an interesting example. I disliked the film but at least it had a very specific storyline, identifiable characters, and a genuine arc. It took a story idea and infused it with a certain tone, but it never let go of the core idea of four teenagers on their way to puberty and beyond. KSKHH, however, is a bad joke in itself.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 


Original title: Unkool Cumedy

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